ENACT - Trustworthy and Smart Actuation in IoT systems

To unleash the full potential of IoT, realizing the digital society and flourishing innovations in application domains such as eHealth, smart city, intelligent transport systems, and smart manufacturing, it is critical to facilitate the creation and operation of trustworthy Smart IoT Systems. Since smart IoT systems typically operate in a changing and often unpredictable environment, the ability of these systems to continuously evolve and adapt to their new environment is decisive to ensure and increase their trustworthiness, quality and user experience. The DevOps movement advocates a set of software engineering best practices and tools, to ensure Quality of Service whilst continuously evolving complex systems and foster agility, rapid innovation cycles, and ease of use. Therefore, DevOps has been widely adopted in the software industry. However, there is no complete DevOps support for trustworthy smart IoT systems today.

The main technical goal of ENACT is to develop novel IoT platform enablers to:

i) Enable DevOps in the realm of trustworthy smart IoT systems, and enrich it with novel concepts for end-to-end security and privacy, resilience and robustness strengthening trustworthiness, taking into account the challenges related to “collaborative” actuation and actuation conflicts.

ii) Facilitate the smooth integration of these to leverage DevOps for existing and new IoT platforms and approaches (e.g., FIWARE, SOFIA, and TelluCloud).

This will be accomplished by evolving current DevOps methods and techniques to support the agile development and operation of smart IoT systems, and provide a set of novel mechanisms to ensure quality assurance and trustworthiness, such as actuation conflict handling, continuous testing and delivery across IoT, edge and cloud spaces and end to end security and privacy management. Through this ENACT will provide a DevOps framework for smart IoT Systems.

Collaborating Companies and Organisations

Eleven participants from six European countries constitute the ENACT Consortium combining large industry (CA Technologies, INDRA Sistemas), three SMEs (EVIDIAN, TELLU and Baltic Open Solutions Center), a Public Health Administration (ISRAA - Istituto per servizi di ricovero e Assistenza agli anziani), four research centres (SINTEF, CNRS, TECNALIA and the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science of Riga) and a University (University of Duisburg-Essen and).

Tecnalia’s Role

Tecnalia will contribute to the project with a twofold role. On the one hand, Tecnalia will act as technology provider by leading the design and development of the security and trust mechanisms for smart IoT applications as well as contributing to the integration of these mechanisms in the ENACT solution. On the other hand, Tecnalia will act as case study provider by integrating and validating the ENACT solution for developing and operating smart IoT applications for Smart Buildings. As case study providers Tecnalia will integrate and evaluate the ENACT solution for developing and operating smart IoT applications in KUBIK R&D test facility by Tecnalia.

More information

This project, under reference nº H2020-780351, has been financed by the European Commission under the H2020 program.

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