Our core values: impact excellence integrity innovation


The Cyber-Security and Safety Research Group's mission is to advance the state of the art and promote the adoption of cyber-security and safety solutions which can be implemented by industrial and scientific users to increase their resilience to cyber threats, reduce safety risks and ensure the compliance of industrial standards.

We are focused on the following activities:

  • Research and development of integral security & safety engineering solutions, from design to operation, and adopting a system assurance perspective including availability, reliability, robustness, confidentiality and privacy.
  • Application of models, methods, tools and mechanisms to verify that a system or process enforces a desired set of safety & security goals, especially in industry sectors such as transport, energy, health and manufacturing.
  • Joint activities with industry to push the international adoption of common frameworks and technological roadmaps for system assurance technologies.


We are more and more dependent upon the smart and networked ICT applications of transport, energy, health or business-critical systems that involve our daily life. As a result, the threat to today’s software-intensive and cyber-physical systems is present in the full system lifecycle, making the threat ubiquitous. The need for understanding the problem from a systems perspective and for adopting an integrated holistic approach to manage and mitigate the intended and unintended risks (from human to purely automation risks) increases dramatically.

The Cyber-Security and Safety Research Group is committed to:

Continuous Innovation

To address a dynamic threat landscape (e.g. connected and autonomous systems) with advanced security and safety technology.


Accelerating development time of new cyber-security and safety solutions that are dependable to use within an industrial control environment.


Share its technical expertise to provide industrial and scientific users with the best services.


Active participation in key world organizations and scientific programs helping to link the technological community with industry system providers.