Sergio Anguita


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Sergio Anguita Lorenzo has a degree in Computer Engineering from University of Deusto. From the very beginning, he has worked at the department of DeustoTech Computing, called s3lab, focused on cybersecurity and privacy. During his professional career, he has participated in multiple projects for different companies, related to web infrastructures, implementation and securization of NFC solutions and even analysing massive data for anomalies detection. Sergio also researched in mobile cybersecurity field, automating the process of reversing Android applications looking for threats, or potential risks for users privacy. He has high knowledge in current technologies and works very well with embedded systems and Linux, being especially focused on this last ones and dedicating himself to the areas of analysis, security, and development. Sergio also leads an open source cyber security related project in which he previously researched, and now, he is part of the Tecnalia Cyber Security Research Team, working on the research of Blockchain solutions for industrial systems and processes.