OpenCert: Compliance Reports

Compliance Management: The OpenCert tools (OPENCOSS Project) help 'engineers' assess where they are with respect to their duties to conform to safety practices and standards, and still to motivate them to see the effective progress of the work and level of compliance.

OpenCert: EclipseCon France 2016

OpenCert is an assurance and certification tool framework for safety-critical embedded systems that spans different vertical markets for railway, avionics and automotive industries. OpenCert supports: standards & regulations information management (e.g. DO178C, ISO26262, EN 50128/50126/50129, etc.), in a form that can be stored, retrieved, categorized, associated, searched and browsed.

WhiteZone Concept

WHITEZONE defines the industrial area OUT of malware (threats) and restricts access to only certain identified software within the industrial precinct by those authorized persons. WhiteZone is oriented to conduct utilities and industrial operators towards a resilient operation.