The ICSSY Lab is part of the Spanish Network of Industrial Cyber-Security Laboratories (RNLI).Know More!

The ICSSY Lab is a platform for TECNALIA to develop new cyber security solutions which can be adopted by industrial and scientific users to increase their resilience to cyber threats, reduce safety risks and ensure the compliance of industrial standards.

The ICSSY Lab is focused on specific industrial markets: Energy (smart grids, smart buildings) Critical Infrastructures (transport, public buildings), Automotive (ECU, V2V & V2I communications), Health (medical devices)
The ICSSY targeted technical areas are:
  • Architecture and Design: Fault-tolerant solutions, segmented security zones.
  • Risk Management: Vulnerability analysis, assessment (HARA, FMEA, FTA)
  • Compliance Assessment and Audits: Model-based tools for cost-effective compliance assessment.
  • Network Security: Networks and busses (e.g., CAN, Modbus, etc.).
  • Data Security: Monitoring and protection of sensitive data.
  • Response and Recovery: Backup and recovery plan, automated backup systems, system recovery.
  • Situational Awareness: Awareness of vulnerabilities and persistent threats.
The ICSSY Lab has three kinds of resources:
  • Software Tools: safety/security assurance management.
  • Security/safety solutions: WhiteZone, Panzer.
  • Test and assessment tools: simulation, fault-injection, penetration testing, SIEM tools
In addition to this, the ICSSY Lab counts with a large database of case studies.