Transportation systems are becoming increasingly complex, incorporating numerous, intricate control systems and sub-systems, such as those found in autonomous vehicles and in highway advanced traffic management systems. This scenario requires the development of safe, dependable and secure systems, preserving the human safety, the environment, and the critical economic infrastructures.

Safe, Reliable and Secure Autonomous Vehicles

Safe and secure ECU and communication architectures of automated vehicles and adaptive systems (such as those based on reconfiguration schemes).

Compliance of Regulations and Standards

Compliance with avionics standards (ARP-4754A, ARP-4761, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-297). railway standards (EN-50128, EN-50126, EN-50129), automotive standards (ISO-26262), among others.

Fault Injection and Simulation

Dependability bottlenecks identification, system behavior in the presence of faults, coverage of error detection and recovery mechanisms, and effectiveness of fault tolerance mechanisms and performance loss.

Secure and Safe Smart Transport Infrastructures

Risk analysis of critical elements in the architecture of intelligent road systems, cyber-security of V2V and I2V communication.