Resilience, by containing accidents, avoiding black outs, and mitigating the effects of natural disasters, has always been the prime goal for the energy operators. With the Smart Grid, cyber-security and safety are now at the core of their efforts to provide a resilient infrastructure.

CyberSecurity Conformance & Certification

Ad-hoc security mechanisms for DLMS products, correct test for association in control access, penetration tests, mechanism based on PKI infrastructure.

Smart Grids Cyber-Security

Robust architectures solving privacy and sabotages threats, efficient and interoperable systems in a multi manufacturer environment.

Functional Safety & Compliance

Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable safety-related systems and compliance with standards such as IEC 61508 as requested to device manufacturers.

Correlation of Physical Security and Cyber-Security

Analysis to continuously monitor the feeds coming in from intrusion alerts, SCADA RTUs, e-mail and web attacks, to report false positives and to retrieve different alerts for a single attack.