Ángel López


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At the moment his work is focused in system assurance field. He is involved in the European project OPENCOSS for the development of an Open Platform for EvolutioNary Certification Of Safety-critical System. His role is the architecting and development of graphical, model-based tools for evidence management and system assurance configuration management. Also he is involved in other European project BIOPOOL, whose objective is to build a system to link pools of digital data (histological digital images and the textual data associated to them) and to develop added value services for the exploitation of this information. His role is the architecting of the whole system and the development of a communication API to connect the different parts of the system. In his 12 year of experience he was working in a lot research projects, for example, developing applications for decision making processes, developing agile algorithms for indexation and retrieval of medical images by visual similarity in great data volumes, web tools for management, an Indoor Location System based on WI-FI signal, as well as working on knowledge extraction applications related to social networks in the Internet.